59 Steps Attenuator

Articulate the sweetest sound you deserve

  • Its principle is like that of a potentiometer.
  • The rotary switch moves through the chain as the volume dial is being turned to select the output of the attenuator.
Detent: Within loudness, 59 steps
Attenuation range: -60dB .. 0dB
Contact material: Hard gold
Resistance: 50KΩ/100KΩ
Mechanical life: > 10 000 cycles
Indexing angle: 6 degree
Resistance taper: 15A/MN
Material: 3CNC machined AL6063 aluminum
Feature: Double grounding design


We have all sort of products from motor to battery related appliances and even inventions you may not seen before.

Future Target

Whole New technology and product

We have new inventions and techology applying patent. These product will soon be release to the market!

Kickstarter campaign

Some of our projects need backers around the world to make it come true.

Environmental friendly

Our product developing will turn to more environment friendly based. Recycle and conserve energy are the two area we are working on.

About Us

  • Advanced Avionics Limited (AAL) established in 1988 in Hong Kong.
    Have a team of professional engineers, all E&E degree holders, in Research & Development.
    Premises in Hong Kong are 10,000 sq.ft in size.
    Fully Equipped with up-to-date facilities.
    Still one of the world's leading manufacturers in battery chargers.

  • Our business excelled in providing electronic solutions to products.
    Also research & develop in applicable electronic technology.
    Service covers software, hardware design and production.
    Remarkable achievements in development/production of:
    1. BLDC motor and electronic speed controller
    2. Battery charging/discharging system for R/C products
    3. Reverse engineering on controls of home appliance
    4. LED lighting for medical application


We currently looking for engineers who like to work in new techology, product design and R&D.

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Chemistry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • If you know any one of these aspect and interested in joining us, don't hesitate to send your resume to aal@apexhk.com or call us directly.